The BUENOS AIRES GUITAR TRIO was formed by the eminent solo guitarists Marcelo Cosentino, Carlos Groisman and Jorge Labanca. It is an original formation in chamber music. This reknown group has attained an excellence exhibited by few others.

It is their harmonious intensity and refined interpretative unity that has been reviewed by music critics wich distinguishes them from the rest. The B.A. GUITAR TRIO has been acclaimed as one of the best groups in Argentina, a country where the guitar is an institution.

As soloist, they have performed in North America, Europe and through out South America. Their international exposure has provided the opportunities to participate on television and radio as well as in musical contests, where they won many distinguished awards.

They have accepted invitations to perform with prestigeous orchestras and celebrated directors, such as: Juan Carlos Zorzi, Ljerko Spiller, Carlos Calleja, Mario Majnaric, Guillermo Becerra and Alberto Merenzon.

They are distinguished professors in many music academies in Buenos Aires, offering also seminars and master classes in the whole country and abroad.

The TRIO has had argentine composers Maximo Pujol, Nahuel Laviola, Miguel Angel Cherubito and Miguel Varvello to compose and dedicate works for them; also Marcelo, Carlos and Jorge have arranged symphonic and chamber music to complete their repertoire.

The music critics commentaries in the leading newspapers are:

"...quality playing, deep knowledge of music styles of the performed works, refined technique, perfection in the instrumental ensemble..."

"...musicality, big command of the instrument and a powerful comunication..."

"... highest level in musical expression as the B.A.GUITAR TRIO...

The french label Harmonia Mundi edited two C.D. of the TRIO, the first one, "Du Classique au Tango" (Vol.14 - 1996). The french magazine LE CAHIER DE LA GUITARE stated: "...we hope that this first C.D. of the TRIO will be followed by many others of the same quality and good taste. ¡¡Long existence for this excellente group!!..."(Anne Laure Moreau Boutin).

"...This C.D., the first of their career in chamber music, must bring them to bigger audiences." (Montserrat Moral ).